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PORON® Cellular Urethane, PORON® Foam Material

PORON 4701-30 cellular urethane foam

PORON cellular urethanes have been a major portion of Stockwell Elastomerics' product line since Rogers Corporation developed this microcellular urethane foam for industrial and electronics applications in the 1980s. Stockwell Elastomerics inventories and fabricates PORON cellular urethane in thicknesses from .012" to .500" thick and and compressibility ranging from extra soft / slow rebound formulas to very firm formulas with greater force deflection properties than certain solid rubber compounds. Rogers Corporation manufactures PORON and Stockwell Elastomerics values its Preferred Converter status with Rogers Corp and its position as a leading authorized PORON supplier / PORON distributor. On the basis of total material laminated and fabricated in production, Stockwell Elastomerics fabricates more PORON into gaskets than any other material family.

What is PORON®?

Stockwell Elastomerics, a Rogers Corp. Preferred Converter logo

PORON is a fine pitch open cell urethane foam produced by Rogers Corporation. Rogers PORON is very compliant and has excellent memory (compression set resistance). PORON foam has a uniform microcellular structure where the average cell size is approximately 100 microns. PORON urethane foam is manufactured by continuously casting and curing mechanically mixed formulas to the desired thickness.

Visit the PORON Data Sheets page or view the PORON products overview data sheet for detailed technical information on each PORON product.

What are some Key Benefits of PORON Cellular Urethane?

  • Low compression set - PORON cellular urethanes have superior resistance to taking a compression set as compared to neoprene sponge or polyethylene foam. Less than 2% at 73°F and less than 10% at 158°F makes PORON an ideal gasketing material for many indoor enclosure applications where dust, light and incidental splash sealing are required.
  • Energy absorbing - PORON's ability to absorb mechanical shock vibration combined with its low compression set make it an ideal material for shock isolation of battery compartments and sensitive electronics in hand-held devices.
  • Consistent microcellular structure - fine and consistent open cells make PORON microcellular urethane an ideal dust gasket material, suitable for many cleanroom applications.
  • Laminated PORON 4701-30
  • Adhesive backings - PORON readily accepts most of Stockwell's pressure sensitive adhesive offerings. Since PORON does not contain any plasticizers, it does not reduce adhesive shelf-life. The integral skin surface provides a clean, readily bonded surface.
  • Thickness options - PORON is available in a wide range of thicknesses. Stockwell also offers bonded layers to achieve non-standard thicknesses and stacked/bonded assemblies.
  • Smooth skin - most grades of PORON foam are manufactured with a smooth skin on both sides. The supported products have a 1 mil PET film bonded permanently to one side.

When Would PORON NOT Be Recommended?

Despite the microcellular structure which appears to be closed cell, PORON is an open cell foam. Outdoor enclosures subjected to rain and temperature extremes may not be sealed properly with PORON gaskets. Conditions where PORON may be flexed or repeatedly compressed and relaxed in standing water may cause water to be wicked into the gasket. Temperatures below -20°F will cause PORON to stiffen noticably, and PORON is not recommended for constant temperatures above 158°F. Outdoor conditions may be better served with silicone sponge or high grade neoprene or EPDM sponge materials.

Types of PORON Offered

PORON 4701-30 with 3M adhesive

Stockwell Elastomerics is a Rogers Corp. PORON Preferred Converter, offering the following types of PORON:

  • 4790-92 Supported
  • 4701-30 Supported
  • 4701-50 Supported
  • 4790-92 Unsupported
  • 4701-30 Unsupported
  • 4701-40 Unsupported
  • 4701-41 Unsupported
  • 4701-50 Unsupported
  • 4701-60 Unsupported

Visit the PORON Data Sheets page for detailed technical information.

Contact Stockwell Elastomerics, a Leading PORON Supplier and Rogers Corp Preferred Converter

Contact Us for further assistance with PORON cellular urethane foam products. Stockwell Elastomerics is a Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter and one of the leading authorized PORON suppliers / PORON distributors in the USA.

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PORON® is a registered trademark of Rogers Corporation.