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Thermal Interface Material

Thermal interface materials offered by Stockwell Elastomerics include thermally conductive pads and gaskets in made-to-drawing configurations from a variety of gap filling products. Thermal interface materials, such as thermally conductive silicone pads, are designed to remove the heat generated by an electronic device to the ambient environment in order to ensure the reliable operation of computers, communication equipment or similar electronic hardware. Air trapped between a heat generating device and a heat spreader or heat sink inhibits the effective heat transfer from hot spots to the exterior of a closed system. Gap filler products are compressible thermal interface material that provide a thermal path between the components.

Visit the Thermally Conductive Materials Data Sheets page for detailed technical information on these materials.

Gap Pad® and Gap Filler - Silicone Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Conductive Pads

Stockwell Elastomerics provides two brands of easily compressed silicone thermal interface materials. The Bergquist Company's Gap Pad® V0 Ultra Soft has silicone/fiberglass cloth on one side, is available in a range of .020" to .200" thick and is specified where stack up tolerances may vary. Additional Bergquist Gap Pad® products are available cut to size from 8" x 16" sheets.

Saint-Gobain provides thermal interface materials such as their Gap Filler TC3000 series in three grades of firmness and thermal performance ranges. The thickness ranges from .015" to .200", and the sheet sizes are 24" x 24", providing the opportunity for larger pads and improved yields for cost.

NORSEAL® (formerly COHRlastic®) R10404M is thermally conductive silicone sponge, another thermal interface material. This unique product has lower thermal performance than most gap filler materials, however its lower cost allows for the affordable use of large pads where moderate thermal transfer is required over a broad surface area. R10404M is available .032" to .250" thick in sheets 36" x 36". Stockwell Elastomerics applies TR3 thermally conductive adhesive to allow for applications where adhesive backing enhances its use as a thermal management component with mechanical cushioning properties.

Thermal Management Products

SE200 Thermally Conductive Materials Flier

TC100 is a firmer thermal interface material than most gap filler products. It is available .025 to .062" thick in continuous rolls and .025" to .375" thick in 12" x 12" molded sheets. Stockwell Elastomerics does compression molds TC100 and other thermally conductive silicone rubber materials into gaskets and custom thermal interface pads for heat sealing jaws, sterilization and other applications where heat transfer is needed in a complex configuration.

CF1818 is a durable thermally conductive silicone rubber. This thermal interface material is calendered and cured onto fiberglass cloth. The smooth finish on this .018" thick composition enhances its thermal performance. Stockwell Elastomerics applies TR3 thermally conductive adhesive to allow for applications where adhesive backing enhances its use as a thermal management component with an assembly aide.

Furo407 and Furo409 are traditional .007" thick and .009" thick thermal interface materials - thermally conductive silicone rubber / fiberglass cloth constructions. These products offer high temperature resistance and conformability in a low cost heat sink gasket.

R10404M Thermal Interface Material Sponge

Some factors that inhibit effective thermal transfer in a system include surface concavity of the heat sinking surface, surface roughness of the heat sink, uneven pressure along the interface and uneven heat distribution along the surface. Filling all air gaps in the interface area is critical to effective heat transfer. These factors point to why the softer gap filler types are gaining in popularity among designers. Contact Stockwell Elastomerics for thermal interface material samples - waterjet cut to size from your dxf file.

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