One of Stockwell Elastomerics’ strategic channel partners is Rogers Bisco™ Silicone Materials Unit. Bisco is our leading provider of Silicone Foam and thin Liquid Silicone Rubber Sheet materials for gaskets, cushioning pads and custom components.

Rogers recently acquired certain assets of MTI’s Groendyk Silicone operations. Groendyk has been producing closed cell silicone sponge and solid silicone sheets for many years. MTI has been casting Open Cell Silicone Foam as well. Rogers’ acquisition will further enhance their leadership position in the marketplace and provide a presence in the closed cell silicone sponge market.

During periods of transition – there may be gaps in material availability of the traditional MTI / Groendyk Silicone Sheet product line. As situations occur – Stockwell Elastomerics may be able to help customers in tight inventory situations. See the following cross listing as a reference – we are glad to supply evaluation samples.

  • MTI Siltec-SD can be matched by Bisco BF1000 lightweight silicone foam
  • MTI MF8000 can be matched by Bisco HT800 medium density silicone foam
  • MTI MF8500 can be matched by Bisco HT820 firm density silicone foam
  • Groendyk 7104 can be matched by Cohrlastic® R10480-S soft closed cell silicone sponge
  • Groendyk 7304 can be matched by Cohrlastic R10470-M medium density closed cell silicone sponge
  • Groendyk 7404 can be matched by Cohrlastic R10470-F firm density closed cell silicone sponge
  • Groendyk 7314 can be matched by Cohrlastic R10400-M medium density, flame retardant closed cell silicone sponge.

    Further – Stockwell has over 15 acrylic adhesives to aid in assembly of gaskets and cushioning pads.

For more information about silicone sponge, silicone gaskets, or other silicone rubber applications, please contact Stockwell at (215) 335-3005 or visit our website at

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