Gasket Design

Stockwell Elastomerics works with many customers to provide gasket design assistance. With vast experience in gasket design, including gasket materials selection knowledge, mechanical engineering services on staff, and familiarity with many industries and applications, Stockwell Elastomerics is uniquely qualified to provide gasket design support to customers as needed.

Stockwell Elastomerics’ engineers provides gasket design and gasket materials engineering technical tips and frequent blog posts in the Elastomerics Blog on this topic.


Gasket Design Articles from Stockwell Elastomerics

The following articles from Stockwell Elastomerics engineers have been published in the Machine Design trade publication and are available online at

Proper gasket design can simplify manufacturing and extend product life – Machine Design, 10/21/2010

Summary: Stepping through gasket design. Don’t let gaskets be a design afterthought.

Gasketing done the right way – Machine Design, 7/8/2004

Summary: A guide to understanding gasket design and cushion pads. Includes approaches for prototyping, material choices and standards with a focus on handheld electronics.

Last-resort gaskets – Machine Design 3/18/2004

Summary: A quick reference guide to gasket design. Includes commonly used terms for cutting and material properties. Also, addresses common gasket design flaws.


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