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Overview of Silicone Rubber and Other Elastomeric Materials Used by Stockwell Elastomerics

Silicone Rubber Materials Assortment

Silicone rubber and the fabrication and molding of silicone rubber gaskets are Stockwell Elastomerics' core business. Silicone rubber is a versatile material that is used as silicone sponge, silicone foam, and silicone sheet.

Stockwell Elastomerics also uses other elastomeric materials such as PORON® cellular urethane, fluorosilicone, Viton™ fluoroelastomer, and conductive elastomers for ESD protection, EMI shielding and many other unique applications.

Silicone Rubber Materials

Stockwell Elastomerics has developed close relationships with top materials suppliers to gain access to silicone materials and technical developments within leading silicone rubber product lines such as:

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - CHORlastics logo NORSEAL® (formerly COHRlastic®) Silicone Rubber from Saint-Gobain
Stockwell Elastomerics, a Rogers Corp. Preferred Converter logo Stockwell Elastomerics is a Rogers Corp. Preferred Converter
Rogers Corp - BISCO Silicones logo BISCO® Materials Silicone Rubber from Rogers Corp.
Momentive logo Momentive Performance Materials
Wacker logo Wacker Silicones

This access to silicone rubber gasket material manufacturers enables Stockwell Elastomerics to find answers and provide solutions beyond its own internal resources and confirm meeting silicone specifications such as ZZ-R-765, A-A-59988, Mil-R-46089, Mil-C-6130 Type C and ASTM D2000 callouts.

Silicone Rubber Properties and Applications

Many silicone rubber materials are designed to function mechanically as gaskets or cushioning pads. They can also ground ESD, provide EMI shielding or conduct heat. Because of this, the material selection is an important part of the design process for gaskets, pads and components. Silicone rubber's properties make it the material of choice for many applications in many industries. Click here for more on silicone rubber's properties.

Silicone Materials Selection Guide

Materials and Vendors brochure page

Silicone Materials List

Silicone rubber materials used regularly by Stockwell Elastomerics include:

Non-Silicone Elastomeric Materials

PORON® Cellular Urethane

Laminated PORON 4701-30

In addition to silicone rubber, PORON® cellular urethanes from Rogers Corporation continue to be the most popular material in terms of square footage used. Stockwell Elastomerics laminated adhesive, slit-to-width and die cut PORON® on a regular basis, for short runs to full production requirements.


Fluorosilicone rubber molded components

Fluorosilicone (fluorinated silicone rubber) is another elastomeric material that is often used in applications where there is contact with petroleum-based chemicals. Fluorosilicone rubber is an inorganic elastomer that combines the wide temperature range and age resistance of silicone rubber with the chemical resistance properties of fluorocarbon, such as resistance to fuels, coolants and oils that would damage silicone rubber.

Adhesives Used with Elastomeric Materials

Adhesive Lamination Rolls

Various adhesives, including pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backings are usually applied in-house to elastomer components for "peel-and-stick" applications. Stockwell Elastomerics has developed proprietary priming technologies to apply acrylic adhesives to silicone rubber and other elastomers that serve specific uses.

Other Elastomeric Materials

Stockwell Elastomerics also carries other materials for many applications, including:

Other Materials

To compliment broad capabilities in silicone rubber, Stockwell Elastomerics also carries traditional rubber materials such as Neoprene, Buna-N, EPDM, Epi-Chlorohydrin in closed cell sponge, solid sheet and uncured compounds.

Contact Stockwell Elastomerics for Silicone Rubber and Other Gasket Materials

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Viton™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC.
PORON® is a registered trademark of Rogers Corporation.
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