Adhesive Lamination, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)

Stockwell Elastomerics laminatorStockwell Elastomerics carries a comprehensive line of pressure sensitive adhesives used for adhesive lamination. Availability includes film supported acrylic and silicone adhesives containing thin Mylar or Ultem films for dimensional stability. Adhesive lamination product availability also includes unsupported transfer adhesives, 3M VHB acrylic foam adhesives, thermally conductive and electrically conductive adhesives. Most of these can be applied to sheets of polyurethane, silicone rubber, neoprene, foams, sponges, etc. to meet our customers’ needs for gaskets and pads with pressure sensitive adhesives.

Foam, Rubber and Sponge Adhesive Lamination to Build Thickness

Finding a material that has necessary properties for particular adhesive lamination application can be a challenge. Then finding that material in the required thickness may be nearly impossible as most rubber and sponge manufacturers only make materials in standard gauges. Special runs can be made for a particular thickness, but a minimum order is typically required, with its associated high cost and long lead-time. A more cost effective resolution (especially for lower volumes) may be to laminate various standard sheets to the meet the desired thickness. Stockwell Elastomerics utilizes a variety of proprietary bonding systems to meet our customers’ needs for special gauges.

Adhesive Lamination for Function

Another useful application of Stockwell Elastomerics’ fabrication experience is creating laminations of dissimilar materials, such as films and solid rubber onto foams and sponges. By bonding different material grades or totally different materials, a wide range of mechanical and electrical properties can be achieved. Different grades of PORON cellular urethane can laminated to address different frequencies in shock isolation applications. Durable, skid resistant materials can be applied to foams, sponges, and solid elastomers to increase the life of a pad. Electrically conductive materials can be backed with compressible foams or sponge materials to act as an elastomeric spring in a battery housing or ESD Cushioning application.

Stockwell Elastomerics specializes in custom material configurations. Whether it is adhesive lamination – the application of pressure sensitive adhesive to silicone, or building up many layers of elastomers with high performance adhesives, Stockwell Elastomerics will aid in the material selection to meet specific requirements.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Gaskets

Gaskets are a common end use or product of the adhesvie lamination process. These go by many names, including:

3M - Stockwell is a 3M business partner
AdChem- Stockwell is an AdChem business partner


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