Telecom Equipment Components, Gaskets and Pads for EMI Shielding and Thermal Management

Thermal interface pads, molded cable boot, and silicone foam panel gasketsTelecommunications equipment often requires gaskets that meet special requirements such as sealing against wind-driven rain or diverting airflow in a heat exchanging module or cooling unit. Thermal interface pads may be required to exchange or dissipate heat and some units may require electro-magnetic interference (EMI) shielding gaskets. A common theme among customers in the telecommunications industry is the requirement for materials to meet flame rating specifications, especially UL 94V-0. The most frequently specified silicone foam gasket materials and thermal interface materials meet UL 94V-0.

Examples of telecom equipment that requires special gaskets and pads:

  • Base stations for cellular networks
  • Outdoor cabinets that protect cellular base stations units
  • Networking gear that enhances indoor coverage

Stockwell Elastomerics frequently works directly with engineers in the telecommunications equipment industry. Requirements for gaskets, gap pads or thermal interface pads are often realized in the final stages of the design cycle. Stockwell Elastomerics’ fast-turn adhesive lamination and water jet cutting capabilities can quickly provide prototype gaskets and thermal interface pads to resolve last minute design issues.

Access Panel Gaskets, Air Intake Gaskets, Door Gaskets and NEMA Enclosure Gaskets

NEMA Enclosure with enclosure gasket

Gaskets with special properties are often needed for many telecom equipment applications such as NEMA enclosures, access panels, air intakes, and door gaskets. HT-800 medium density silicone foam is most often specified as it meets UL 94V-0 flame rating, has excellent compression resistance (<5%) and retains its resiliency over a temperature range of -80°F to 400°F. Despite its modified closed cell structure, when properly compressed it will provide adequate sealing in harsh outdoor weather conditions. Although most gaskets are specified in .125″ to .250″ thick, HT-800 is readily available from .032″ through .50″ thick. Unlike materials such as blended neoprene and Ensolite, HT-800 silicone foam is compounded to last for years in harsh environments including ozone and incidental sunlight. Stockwell Elastomerics laminates acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives onto HT-800 utilizing proprietary priming processes to ensure maximum shelf life and fast turn production lead times. Contact us for samples of HT-800 with acrylic adhesive – the most commonly specified outdoor panel gasket material.

Gap Pads or Thermal Interface Pads

Compressible Gap Pad TC3005 series or Bergquist Gap Pad V0 Ultra Soft series are good choices to consider when trying to dissipate heat. These thermally conductive silicone products are readily compressed to take up for variations in gaps between power generating devices, hot spots and heat sinking components.

TC3005 series is available in pads from .020″ thick to .250″ thick with an easy to release plastic release liner on both sides that exposes an inherently tacky surface upon removal. Gap Pad V0 Ultra Soft has silicone coated fiberglass on one side, with release liner on the other side. Both products are rated for UL 94V-0 flame ratings.

EMI Shielding Gaskets and Custom Conductive Gaskets

For EMI shielding gaskets that require a positive pressure seal to exclude rain and other environments, nickel-graphite filled silicone rubber materials are suggested.

Stockwell Elastomerics compression molds its SNE554 (45 duro shore A), SNE555 (55 duro shore A) and SNE556 (65 duro shore A) nickel-graphite silicone compounds into 15″ x 20″ sheets for die cutting and water jet cutting and custom molds gaskets when special cross sections are needed to enhance sealing properties.

EC2130 and EC2040 Nickel-Graphite filled silicone from Rogers Corporation is recommended where large gaskets can utilize the .020″, .032″ and .062″ thick x 36″ wide roll sizes. All Nickel-Graphite filled silicones are available with 3M #9713 electrically conductive acrylic adhesive backing.

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