Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions
Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions

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Silicone Pads

Used in vibration damping, fod barriers, electrical isolation

Small black cylindircal and red squre silicond pads shown next to large gray and black pads

Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom pads from a variety of silicone products including solid siliconesilicone sponge and silicone foam. Silicone polymers are inherently resistant to temperatures as compared to most polymers, making them the materials of choice for extreme outdoor environments. These pads may also be called performance silicone pads, industrial silicone pads, or custom silicone pads.

Solid Silicone Pads

Rounded corner rectangular and circular solid silicone pads Stockwell Elastomerics offers pads cut from stock silicone sheet materials ranging from 10 – 70 durometer Shore A. Stockwell Elastomerics also custom molds silicone sheets in non-standard thicknesses or custom molds cushioning pads from customer supplied 3D geometries. Solid silicone pads are a good choice for vibration isolation and vibration dampening when the application requires consistent resiliency over a broad temperature range. While most elastomers stiffen in cold conditions, silicone polymers are inherently resilient over a wide temperature range, making the material of choice for extreme temperatures.

At a Glance: Solid Silicone Pads

  • Durometer range: 10 (soft) to 70 (hard)
  • Gum based silicone temperature range: -100°F – 500°F
  • Liquid Based silicone temperature range: -58°F – 392°F
  • Common thicknesses: .020″, .032″, .062″, .093″, .125″, .188″ and .250″
  • Custom molding available

Sponge Silicone Pads

Circular gray sponge and black sponge pads Pads made from silicone sponge are a good fit for mechanical shock protection and vibration dampening in small and medium sized devices that have less mass, where solid materials are too firm. The compressibility and closed cells of the sponge allow for compression integrity without absorbing water or other fluids that the pad may be exposed to. Closed cell silicone sponge may be a good choice for ruggedized portable instruments, data acquisition devices and communication equipment applications. The mechanical stability of silicone throughout a wide range of temperatures will ensure that the pad will perform well in cold soak drop test. Softening and stiffening of other polymers may jeopardize expensive components. Another good alternative to silicone sponge pads is silicone foam pads.

At a Glance: Silicone Sponge Pads

  • Force deflection ranges @ 25%: 2-7psi (soft), 6-14psi (med), 12-20psi (firm)
  • Gum based silicone sponge temperature range: -100°F – 500°F
  • Common thicknesses: .032″, .062″, .093″, .125″, .188″, .250″, .375″ and .500″
  • Available with or without peel and stick adhesive backing

Silicone Foam Pads

Silicone foam cushioning pads offer great mechanical resiliency over a wide temperature range. Pads made from silicone foam are a good fit for mechanical shock protection and vibration dampening for smaller light weight devices such as hand held scanners or global positioning system (GPS) devices. Open cell silicone foams have excellent compression set resistance. This means the “spring” action of the foam will be maintained over a long period of time. Like all silicone products that Stockwell Elastomerics carries, silicone foam offers excellent mechanical stability through a wide range of temperatures. This ensures that the silicone foam cushioning pads will perform well in drop tests, where softening and stiffening, due to environmental temperatures, of other polymers may jeopardize expensive components.

At a Glance: Silicone Foam Pads

  • Force deflection ranges @ 25%: 1-5psi (extra soft), 2-7psi (soft), 6-14psi (med), 12-20 (firm), 16-26 (extra firm)
  • Liquid based silicone foam temperature range: -67°F – 392°F
  • Common thicknesses: .032″, .062″, .093″, .125″, .188″, .250″, .375″ and .500″
  • Available with or without peel and stick adhesive backing

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