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Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions

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Conductive Grounding Pads

Pads designed and fabricated to provide cushioning and grounding for static sensitive applications

Stockwell Elastomerics’ Conpads™ are heavy-duty conductive grounding pads designed for cushioning and grounding rocket motors or other static sensitive articles. Smaller versions are available for cushioning and grounding electronics, missiles, or other combustible hazards. Conpads™ are constructed from silicone sponge rubber and a layer of electrically conductive carbon filled silicone rubber called SE65-CON. There are several firmness options to select from based on the specific application. When used with rocket motor mounting, Conpads™ provide protection to the solid fuel by safely grounding ESD and cushioning motor housings against impact and vibration.

Conpads™ are known for their long term ESD protection in both indoor and outdoor environments. The silicone construction is UV and ozone resistant and remains flexible at subzero temperatures, allowing Conpads™ to maintain their cushioning duties in extreme conditions. Conpads™ ESD grounding products have effectively served as rocket motor mounting pads for over 30 years at US Air Force base installations, storage depots and on ground support equipment including recent commercial rocket flights used to place communication satellites into orbit. The combined cushioning and ESD grounding properties are enabling the safe handling of rocket motors.

Conpads™ conductive grounding pads can be bonded to aluminum or steel chocks with RTV60-CON carbon-filled conductive silicone adhesive.

Bonding a Conductive Grounding Pad to Aluminum Using RTV60-CON Adhesive Video

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