Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions
Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions


Airflow Management

Solutions to meet the demanding and varied air handling challenges

HVAC unit for a commercial building

Airflow management in enclosures, clean rooms and around HEPA filters require gasketing materials that are readily compressed, yet provide a long term positive sealing force – not taking a permanent deformation over time. This property is compression set resistance. Stockwell Elastomerics provides many components for airflow management applications, including:

  • Enclosure gaskets
  • Cabin air filter gaskets
  • Gaskets for HEPA filter assemblies
  • Air plenum gaskets
  • PORON® cellular urethane gaskets
  • Silicone foam gaskets
  • Closed cell silicone sponge gaskets
  • Pressure sensistive adhesive-backed gaskets

Enclosure Gaskets

Airflow management requirements inside enclosures and clean rooms used by the pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries require gaskets that are easily deflected (soft), close off air flow, yet resist taking a permanent compression set. PORON® cellular urethane gaskets with adhesive backings are available in a wide range of firmness and thicknesses ranging from .012″ up to .500″. Despite the higher cost of PORON over traditional closed cell neoprene sponge, we would urge the designer to evaluate the excellent compression set properties of PORON cellular urethane over certain closed cell sponge products. Stockwell Elastomerics provides adhesive backed gaskets for the enclosure industry in slit-to-width rolls or cut to size.

Cabin Air Filter Gaskets

Air flow management gaskets used in HEPA filter assemblies for aircraft cabin air purification are often made from silicone foam. Silicone foam does not support fungus growth and meets Federal Aviation regulations for flame resistance and smoke generation – along with UL 94V-0. To reduce material costs, we provide adhesive backed gaskets in slit to width rolls, or in fold-out configurations. Contact us for samples to demonstrate these cost saving options.

Air Plenum Gaskets

Air plenums and other air diverting assemblies inside enclosures are enhanced by compressible gaskets with long term compression set resistance. PORON cellular urethane and silicone foam are often selected for these requirements. If there are anticipated moisture concerns, closed cell silicone sponge may be specified.

Stockwell Elastomerics carries a full range of compressible PORON cellular urethane, silicone foam and closed cell silicone sponge products. Pressure sensitive adhesives are applied on site to ensure the correct combination of properties available for your application.

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