Heat Press Pads, Heat Press Film

Heat PressAs a high performance material supplier, Stockwell Elastomerics maintains inventory of green heat conducting rubber, Teflon™ (PTFE) sheet, smooth high temperature foam, reinforced thermal rubber and various other materials used in heat press applications and composite laminations. these include:

  • Green heat conductive rubber pad
  • Non-stick Sheet (for overlaying)
  • Insulating silicone sponge sheet (slight textured surface)
  • Insulating silicone foam sheet (smooth surface)

Green Heat Conductive Rubber Pad

Green Heat Conductive RubberHeat conductive rubber, also referred to as green heat conductive rubber, is a unique closed cell silicone sponge that has very fine ceramic particles mixed in the polymer to enhance its thermal properties. This expanded, conductive rubber helps distribute pressure and protect delicate materials in the heat press. Heat conductive rubber press pad material is visually identified by its light green color and fine fabric finish.

At a Glance: Green Heat Conductive Rubber

  • Width: 36″
  • Thicknesses: .035″, .062″, 0.125″, 0.188″ and 0.25″
  • Liquid Based silicone temperature range: -58°F – 392°F
  • Length: Continuous (0.25″ available in 36″ x 36″ sheets only)

Non-Stick Sheet Overlay (PTFE)/Heat Press Film

Stockwell Elastomerics offers non-stick overlay sheet/heat press film for protecting and releasing during heat press applications. Non-stick heat press film sheets can be used to cover platen surfaces or just over the work piece. Non-stick sheets are constructed of glass fabric that is coated with PTFE, also known as Teflon™. This construction offers very good release, high temperature and durability allowing sheets to be used for multiple cycles.

At a Glance: Non-Stick Sheet Overlay (PTFE)/Heat Press Film

  • Release: Both sides
  • Width: 39.4″
  • Thickness: .0056″
  • Length: Continuous

High Temperature Insulating Foam

Heat PressFor applications requiring heat resistant foam for backing or insulating, Stockwell Elastomerics offers lightweight silicone foam. This lightweight foam is available up to 1″ thick with smooth skin on both sides. Thicker versions are available without skin.

At a Glance: Smooth Skin High Temperature Insulating Foam

  • Skin: Both sides
  • Width: 36″
  • Thicknesses: .062″, .093″, 0.125″, 0.188″, 0.25″, 0.375″, 0.50″, 0.75″ and 1.0″
  • Length: Continuous

High Temperature Cushion Pad

Heat Press MaterialsFor applications requiring more dense sponge rubber, similar to green heat conducting rubber, where conductivity is not required, closed cell silicone sponge cushion pads is typically recommended. Heat press cushion pads have a similar fabric texture as the green heat conducting version and are available in soft, medium and firm grades. Closed cell silicone sponge press pads have very good temperature resistance and cushion properties.

At a Glance: High Temperature Cushion Pads

  • Skin: Textured both sides
  • Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm
  • Width: 36″
  • Thicknesses: .032″ – 0.50″ (some limitation depending on firmness)
  • Length: Continuous (some limitation depending on firmness and thickness)

Extreme Temperature Rubber Press Pad

High pressure laminations sometimes require strong, heat resistant rubber. For these special applications, Stockwell Elastomerics offers a reinforced, 80 Shore “A” durometer, reversion resistant silicone sheet capable of operating at 600°F for lamination cycles.

At a Glance: Extreme Temperature Rubber Press Pad

  • Construction: Reversion resistant, reinforced silicone
  • Hardness: 80 Durometer, Shore “A”
  • Width: 38″
  • Thicknesses: .062″
  • Length: Continuous

Other Heat Press Material

If materials shown above do not meet requirements, please note that Stockwell Elastomerics works closely with OEMs, contract manufactures, and printers to help develop semi-custom and custom solutions for some projects. Stockwell Elastomerics maintains inventory of thermally conductive rubber, high temperature insulating rubber, and silicone sheet materials. And Stockwell Elastomerics often develops custom laminations to meet specific functional requirements. In addition to a comprehensive materials inventory, Stockwell Elastomerics offer waterjet and die cutting to meet special shape requirements. Contact Stockwell Elastomerics for further information.

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