Vibration Damping Pads and Cushioning Pads, Shock Absorbing Pads

Dampening PadsStockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom vibration damping pads, soft cushioning pads and shock absorbing from a variety of stock sheet materials. Foam pads are die cut or water jet cut to customer specified dimensions. Stockwell Elastomerics also injection molds ruggedizing bumpers and pads for ruggedized portable electronics.

Vibration Damping Pads

Vibration damping pads (also call vibration dampening pads) are used to absorb mechanical energy for overall system protection. Using a vibration damping pad can isolate the vibration source and the energy is dissipated as low level heat.

EXAMPLE: An electronics rack enclosure with cooling fans directly mounted to the chassis where the vibration generated by that fan can loosen fasteners and generate unwanted rattles.

Damping is a function of mass, frequency, surface area, and other factors including temperature. Damping pads can be made from a range of materials, one of the more common materials specified is Rogers PORON® urethane foam. PORON is a microcellular foam supplied in a variety of densities and thicknesses that allow for fine tuning. PORON has excellent rebound over a long time frame making it more reliable than other polymers. Urethane foam is affected by temperature – for outdoor and cold temperature applications silicone foam is a better choice.

Shock Absorbing Pads

Mechanical shock is thought of as an independent event as compared to a continuous frequency like vibration.

EXAMPLE: A mobile phone is dropped onto a concrete surface. The external casing offers some energy absorption but internal components are still subject to relative high g-forces.

Within handheld devices there are resilient foam pads, commonly foam products (urethane, silicone, etc.) that are design to absorb the impact energy by controlling the rapid deceleration. Rogers PORON 4790-92 is a unique product that is very lossy or dampening -meaning it absorbs a lot of energy and does not return the energy. “Ruggedizing” is becoming much more common, as more and more devices are becoming portable, such as GPS devices, cell phones, handheld scanners, portable instruments and sensors. Contact Us for further assistance with custom shock absorbing pads.

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PORON® is a registered trademark of Rogers Corporation.