Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions
Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions


Gasket Assembly Service

Pre-assembled components to take the challenge out of gasket assembly and improve production efficiency

Back side of gaskets with adhesive

Stockwell Elastomerics can assemble hard-to-bond materials into composite structures and supply custom gaskets that are easier to handle and install. Additionally, Stockwell Elastomerics uses techniques learned over the years of helping customers with their assembly processes to now provide assembly services for those same customers.

Insert Molding and Gasket Installation

Stockwell Elastomerics also uses insert molding to bond dissimilar materials to produce components that are easier to install. For example, liquid silicone injection molding (LIM) allows molding a softer rubber over a harder plastic insert for a stiffer, easier-to-handle gasket. Stockwell Elastomerics can also perform assembly operations, such as with plastic clips and other customer fixturing, to join components together. In addition, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicones, silicone and acrylic adhesives, and proprietary materials and techniques are used for assembly.

Multitude of Bonding Technologies and Processes

Stockwell Elastomerics’ Applications Engineers often discuss requirements with customers and suggest the best assembly technology and process for specific needs. The Gasket Assembly Techniques page provides more information about some of the different methods Stockwell Elastomerics offers.  Stockwell Elastomerics can potentially provide a superior product, act as a relief valve for growing product sales, or to handle challenging assembly for customers that are not used to handling rubber in a precision gasketing environment.

Foil wrapping applied to BF-1000 foam parts displaying ability to bond silicone to dissimilar materials

Rubber-to-Substrate Bonding

Stockwell Elastomerics also provides rubber-to-substrate bonding for faster, easier gasket installation. Whether you need rubber-to-rubber, rubber-to-metal, or rubber-to-plastic bonding, Stockwell Elastomerics offers various techniques, including proprietary methods, to join dissimilar materials together. In addition, we use insert molding, kiss cutting, and adhesive lamination to provide ready-to-install gaskets that improve assembly efficiency.

Peel and stick ID OD gaskets with partial adhesive covering the inner diameter of the o-ring gasket

Improving Assembly Efficiency

Stockwell Elastomerics’ ability to solve elastomer bonding and gasket installation challenges can help customers save time and money. At a time when good employees are hard to find, this gasket assembly service can also enable customers to use their existing workforce more efficiently. Stockwell Elastomerics has the experience and equipment to help customers outsource difficult, messy, and time consuming assembly operations, such as ones that require heat activated adhesives, as well as hard-to-install gaskets.

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