Aerospace and Defense Applications for Gaskets and Pads

Complex LSR liquid injection molded partsStockwell Elastomerics has served the Aerospace and Defense Electronics industries for decades, including these groups of applications:

  • Gaskets for defense electronics
  • Gaskets for aircraft and aerospace
  • Rocket motor pads
  • Conductive pads used with launch pad strongbacks to provide cushioning and ESD protection

These uses often require gaskets or pads that meet special requirements such as temperature extremes, wind/water/weather protection, ESD protection and EMI shielding.

Gaskets for Defense Electronics

Custom EMI shielding combination gasketsIn response to requirements for more portability in combat support equipment, applications include battery door gaskets, cover gaskets and cushioning pads used to protect ground or vehicle mounted communications, data acquisition, radar and sensing devices. With requirements for system performance in severe weather, long term aging and EMI shielding, conditions that often push the limits of commercially available materials, silicone and fluorosilicone compounds are typically specified as gasket materials to meet these performance demands. These high performance elastomers can be compounded to be electrically conductive (EMI shielding and ESD protection) and thermally conductive.

Gaskets for Aircraft and Aerospace

Aerospace and aircraft needs for materials that resist fluids such as jet fuel, Skydrol and PAO, along with harsh weather and sun, often require fluorosilicone rubber. Stockwell Elastomerics carries a broad range of solid and sponge fluorosilicone rubber to support fast turn prototyping requirements for gaskets and cushioning pads.

Rocket Motor Pads, Conductive Grounding Pads

Die-cut fluorosilicone, conductive grounding pad for rocket motors, conductive silicone gaskets, and molded silicone for EMI shieldingSolid fuel rocket motors are cushioned and protected from potential ESD build up issues in storage, ground transportation and handling on strongback structures with fabricated conductive grounding pads. Stockwell Elastomerics custom fabricates conductive grounding pads from age resistant silicone sponge rubber and carbon filled conductive silicone rubber materials. These specialty materials provide cushioning that remains consistent over a broad temperature range and retains surface conductivity for safe ESD grounding to the metal chock or carriage – even after years of sun and outdoor exposure. RTV60-CON conductive adhesive is provided to bond the conductive pads to ground support equipment. Contact us for samples.

Bonding a Conductive Grounding Pad to Aluminum Using RTV60-CON Adhesive Video

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