Custom Gasket Fabrication and Gasket Assembly

Custom Gasket AssemblyStockwell Elastomerics offers gasket fabrication and assembly services, specializing in custom material configurations. Whether it is adhesive lamination – the application of pressure sensitive adhesive to silicone to build up many layers of elastomers – or building large gaskets, Stockwell Elastomerics can provide expert material selection assistance to meet specific requirements.

Examples of Custom Gasket Assembly and Material Laminations

  • Gasket assembly – UV bonded dovetails for large gasket manufacturing
  • Thickness lamination – building a non-standard thickness
  • Property enhancing – laminating dissimilar materials to improve performance
  • Adhesive lamination – adhesive backing for ease of installation

Gasket Assembly

Custom Fabricated GasketsStockwell Elastomerics has a dedicated assembly cell for fabricating gaskets and joint bonding. Dovetail bonding corners for big gaskets offers the high performance properties of silicone with significant cost savings by eliminating center waste. Stockwell Elastomerics has a custom UV curing oven to improve throughput and cost savings. Below are a few activities in the Gasket Assembly Cell:

  • Dovetail joints – bonding gasket legs for cost saving on large gaskets
  • EMI gasket assembly – bonding Monel wire mesh to high performance silicone
  • UV bonding – Custom UV oven for automated, continuous silicone bonding
  • Insulating foam bonding – bonding various silicone foam layers for thermal insulation

Thickness Building – Bonding Foam, Rubber and Sponge

Custom Fabricated Gasket AssembledFinding a material that has necessary properties for a particular adhesive lamination application can be a challenge. Finding that material in the required thickness may be nearly impossible as most rubber and sponge manufacturers only make materials in standard gauges. Special runs can be made for a particular thickness, but a minimum order is typically required with extended lead-times. A more cost effective solution, especially for lower volumes, is to laminate various standard sheets to the meet the desired thickness. Stockwell Elastomerics utilizes a variety of proprietary bonding systems to meet customers’ needs for special thicknesses.

Gasket Material Lamination – Dissimilar Materials

Stockwell Elastomerics’ vast fabrication experience is particularly useful in creating laminations of dissimilar materials, such as films and solid rubber onto foams and sponges. By bonding different material grades (e.g. silicone rubber sheet and silicone foam) or totally different materials (e.g. PORON® foam and UHMW film), custom mechanical and electrical properties can be achieved.

Examples include:

  • Different grades of PORON cellular urethane can be laminated to address different frequencies in shock isolation applications.
  • Durable, skid resistant materials can be applied to foams, sponges, and solid elastomers to increase the life of a pad.
  • Electrically conductive materials can be backed with compressible foams or sponge materials to act as an elastomeric spring in a battery housing or ESD Cushioning application.

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