Custom Conductive Gaskets & ESD Pads

Custom ESD GasketsStockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom conductive gaskets, ESD pads (electrostatic discharge pads / static discharge pads / static dissipative pads), ESD gaskets, electrical grounding pads, and other gaskets and pads with specific functions and properties to customer specification using conductive silicone and other conductive elastomers.

Electrically Conductive Gaskets & Pads

Stockwell Elastomerics often manufactures custom dual function gaskets that serve as environmental seals and EMI gaskets. The electrically conductivity component of the gaskets is achieved by thoroughly mixing fine conductive particles with silicone polymers. Nickel graphite, silver plated aluminum, and carbon are the most common conductive fillers. The level of electrical conductivity in the gasket depends on which filler is used, with silver being the most conductive and carbon being the least. The most common conductive fillers are:

  • Carbon – ESD gaskets, ESD pads
  • Nickel coated graphite – Commercial and residential EMI (Class A and Class B)
  • Silver coated aluminum – Military and aerospace EMI gaskets (Mil-STD-461)

Gaskets made from these conductive filled polymers are used for EMI and ESD management. Since they maintain their flexible rubber properties, they serve environmental gaskets as well, protecting sensitive electronics from rain, dust and hose-down cleaning. Stockwell Elastomerics regularly water jet cuts, die cuts and molds electrically conductive silicone rubber.

ESD Pads / Electrically Dissipative Pads

The most common application for electrically conductive pads is ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) protection and management. The polymers for these electrically conductive pads typically have a high carbon content that gives them conductive characteristics. Stockwell Elastomerics also makes custom grounding pads using a proprietary coating process. The conductive-coated silicone sponge is soft and compressible, while the silicone allows for higher operating temperatures than other polymers. Electrical grounding pads may also be called static discharge pads, ESD pads / electrostatic discharge pads, or static dissipative pads.

ESD Gaskets

Stockwell Elastomerics offers a variety of materials that may be used to make custom ESD gaskets. Typically carbon filler is used to create the conductive path. Materials such as SE65-CON conductive solid silicone, SCR7020-CON conductive solid neoprene, and R-4503 blended EPDM sponge are available to be cut into custom ESD gaskets.

S480-62-CON, S470-62-CON and S418-62-CON are product codes for conductive coated silicone sponge materials in soft, medium and firm grades respectively. Silicone sponge rubber can not be compounded and cured to be electrically conductive, so Stockwell Elastomerics developed a conductive silicone coating process that is applied to the exposed surfaces. Parts may be coated on just the faces or the entire part may be coated for ESD management.

Example: ThermoStream® and other thermal stream systems often require soft, high temp, ESD gaskets. Stockwell Elastomerics’ S480-62-CON is a soft closed cell silicone sponge that allows for compression with low forces and has an operating temperature of 200 – 260°C. The carbon based coating offers protection from static build up from tribocharging.

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Heavy Duty Electrical Grounding Pads

Conpads™ Conductive Grounding PadStatic dissipative pads perform dual functions of impact protection and static grounding. Stockwell Elastomerics developed Conpads™, a unique product offering a soft cushion core with a tougher conductive outer layer. Heavy duty Conpads™ grounding pads were originally designed for protecting solid fuel rocket motors. These specialized pads are designed to serve two functions – the first is to protect solid fuel rocket motors from static discharge, and the second function is to cushion motor housings against impact and vibration. Conpads™ are known for their long term ESD protection in rugged environments.

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