Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions
Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions


Dust Gaskets

Custom dust gaskets are frequently manufactured by Stockwell Elastomerics to customer specification. Sealing out dust and other small foreign object debris (FOD) is a common gasket applications for Stockwell Elastomerics’ customers. Dust sealing is usually less rigorous than water sealing, allowing for a wider range of materials. But proper material selection is still critical for proper gasket performance. Common specifications for dust sealing are NEMA Type 1, IP5X and IP6X (IP50 and IP60 have no water sealing requirements).

Dust Gaskets – Top Performing Material Options

  • PORON® urethane foam – PORON microcellular foam lends itself well to dust sealing. It’s widely specified for electronics dust sealing. PORON has excellent compression set resistance and mechanical dampening properties making it an ideal choice for display gaskets.
  • Silicone foam dust gasket – silicone foam is used where there are higher temperatures such as hot air handling units. It has excellent compression set resistance and is available in closed cell (water sealing) grades. Silicone foam is recommended for indoor/outdoor dust sealing and water sealing where long life is needed.
  • Neoprene dust gasket – oil resistant neoprene is a good choice for industrial dust gasket applications where there may be light exposure to oil. Neoprene sponge has moderate compression set resistance. Not recommended for long life outdoor applications.

Dust Sealing Design Considerations

  • Compression cycling – compression set should be considered for applications with periodic recompression (e.g. door gaskets with opening and closing)
  • UL and other test requirements – consumer and industrial electronics may require materials with UL 94 flame ratings or other industry-specific requirements
  • Temperature – HVAC or hot air handlers and ventilators may require high temperature materials
  • Outgassing – clean rooms may be sensitive to material outgassing or carbon black based colorants
  • Cushioning – display gaskets may also require impact cushioning as well as dust sealing

Common Dust Sealing Applications

  • Clean rooms
  • HEPA filters
  • HVAC / air handling gasket
  • LCD displays
  • Touch panel displays
  • Portable electronics

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