Silicone Foam Lamination and Silicone Sponge Lamination

Silicone Foam/Sponge Lamination

Stockwell Elastomerics is a leading provider of silicone foam and silicone sponge lamination services. Silicone foam sheet and silicone sponge sheet materials are popular products because of their unique physical properties. They have the same high temperature, low temperature, UV, ozone, and resistance as solid silicone rubber but in a lightweight expanded form. Expanded silicone rubber offers low density gasket material requiring significantly less force to compress. This lower force allows designers and engineers to use fewer fasteners and plastic enclosures. One limitation of expanded silicone rubber is it is typically only offered in thicknesses up to ½” thick. Stockwell Elastomerics addresses this limit with custom thickness laminations.

Thickness Lamination


Using standard thicknesses, Stockwell Elastomerics can do lamination up to 4″ thick or thicker. Laminated silicone foam has been specified for Barge Test applications where the dependable cushioning of silicone foam is needed.

Adhesive Lamination for Expanded Silicone Rubber

Stockwell Elastomerics laminates 3M, Adchem, and other peel and stick backings to silicone foam and silicone sponge. Acrylic adhesive backings offer lower cost and a wider range of adhesions to select from than silicone adhesive backings. Silicone adhesive backings are the preferred adhesive for high temperature gasketapplications.

Surface Laminations for Expanded Silicone Rubber

Some applications require certain material properties that are not inherent to silicone. Stockwell Elastomerics regularly laminates reinforced PTFE film to make a high temperature abrasion resistant pad. Other laminations include UHMW films, Formex (polypropylene), copper foil, and high grip rubber. Stockwell Elastomerics laminates many material combinations to achieve unique rubber properties not inherently available.

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