Custom Gasket Manufacturing

Stockwell Elastomerics is a leading custom gasket manufacturer with on-site gasket manufacturing facilities in the USA. Specializing in made-to-specification custom gasket manufacturing, Stockwell Elastomerics has a broad range of material and processing capabilities. Stockwell Elastomerics has a core competence in high performance, engineered rubber/elastomeric materials and has in-house die-cutting, waterjet cutting and molding allowing for quick-turn gasket manufacturing. Other value-added custom gasket manufacturing services include material lamination, adhesive lamination and custom gasket assembly.


Custom Silicone Rubber Gaskets

Silicone rubber gasket fabrication and molding is Stockwell Elastomerics’ core competence. Custom silicone gaskets are manufactured from various forms of silicone, including silicone sponge, silicone foam and solid silicone.

Kiss Cut Gaskets

Die Cut / Kiss-cut Gaskets

Stockwell Elastomerics offers custom die cut gaskets and kiss-cut gaskets with relatively low tooling cost and short lead times when stock materials are specified. Steel ruled dies are inexpensive and fabricated quickly.

Custom waterjet cut part

Waterjet Cut Gaskets

Waterjet cutting is a tool-less, eco-friendly custom gasket manufacturing process, generating custom waterjet cut gaskets  quickly and accurately. Multiple in-house waterjet cutting units allow Stockwell Elastomerics to manufacture short lead time gaskets and quick-turn prototypes to meet demanding engineering timelines.

Molded LSR parts

Molded Gaskets

Stockwell Elastomerics liquid injection molds silicone rubber from 10 to 70 durometer and compression molds specialty parts such as EMI gaskets. Silicone injection molding is a custom gasket manufacturing process that offers relatively low cost molds as compared to plastics. Short cycle times and in-house cryogenic deflashing make molded parts feasible in modest volumes.

Peel and stick gaskets

Adhesive Backed Gaskets

A value-add custom gasket manufacturing serivce offered by Stockwell Elastomerics is adhesive lamination to create adhesive backed gaskets. With more than 30 acrylic, silicone and rubber pressure sensitive adhesives in stock, customers can select the best adhesive and bonding substrate for specific applications.

Custom lamination

Silicone Foam Lamination & Silicone Sponge Lamination

Stockwell Elastomerics is a leading provider of silicone foam and silicone sponge lamination services as part of its custom gasket manufacturing offerings.

Custom Gasket Assembly

Custom Gasket Assembly

Stockwell Elastomerics is a leading provider of custom gasket fabrication and gasket assembly servicesLarge gaskets, pads or odd geometries are Stockwell Elastomerics’ custom gasket manufacturing specialties. Stockwell Elastomerics Applications Engineers will work with customers’ engineers to help design a manufacturable solution to make custom gaskets, custom pads and unique designs.

Liquid silicone injection molded parts

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding

Stockwell Elastomerics is a leading provider of liquid silicone injection molding services, the fastest growing segment of Stockwell Elastomerics’ custom gasket manufacturing operations.

Compression molded silicone

Silicone Rubber Compression Molding

Stockwell Elastomerics provides silicone rubber compression molding services, producing compression molded custom rubber components on-site in Philadelphia to service fast-turn requirements and specialty applications for customers in technology-driven markets.

Silicone gaskets

Product Design / Gasket Design

Stockwell Elastomerics assists designers and engineers in the technology sector by providing material recommendations, samples and prototypes for the gasket design and product design and development process.

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