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Stockwell Elastomerics a 3M Select Converter

Stockwell Elastomerics, a 3M authorized converter, has been recognized by 3M as a Select Converter. Stockwell Elastomerics and 3M have been partners for many years. Stockwell Elastomerics does not sell adhesives but rather marries 3M’s high performance adhesives with high performance gasket materials.  Stockwell’s has a core competence in applying 3M acrylic PSAs to silicone rubber; this includes solid silicone sheet, silicone foam sheet, and silicone sponge sheet materials. Other materials backed by 3M adhesives are Poron urethane foam, closed cell neoprene sponge and EPDM sponge.

Stockwell 3M Converter

Below is a list of the most common 3M adhesives specified:

  • 3M F9473 – 100MP Series, VHB transfer
  • 3M 467 – 200MP Series, transfer adhesive
  • 3M 9609 – 300MP, film supported adhesive
  • 3M 9490LE – 300LSE, Low Surface Energy, film supported
  • 3M 9472LE – 300LSE, Low Surface Energy, transfer
  • 3M 9485 – 350 Series, transfer adhesive
  • 3M 9795B – 420 Series, Low Surface Energy, transfer

Stockwell Elastomerics offers many adhesive options to combine with most rubber gasket materials. For more information, please call Stockwell Elastomerics at 215-335-3005 or complete a contact form for assistance.

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