Silicone Foam Burn Test

Silicone Foam Burn Test

Continually committed to testing and validating their materials, Rogers Corporation recently had BISCO® HT-800 silicone foam tested by a third party for flame propagation per ASTM C 1166. ASTM C 1166 is a vertical burn test that evaluates the flame propagation and reports the melting/burning behavior. A common test requirement for rail applications, the Federal Railroad Administration has a limit of 4” of flame propagation on an 18” test specimen.

ASTM C 1166 Test Results:
As expected, BISCO HT-800 silicone foam passed the 15 minute burn with flying colors:

• Thin (approx. 2mm):  average propagation of 1.7”, no melting or dripping
• Thick (approx. 13mm): average propagation of 1.3”, no melting or dripping

As we’ve known, HT-800 and the BISCO HT-800 family of silicone foams; BF-1000, HT-870, HT-800, HT-820 and HT-840 perform very well in burn tests. These Rogers BISCO silicone foams are all UL 94V-0 flame rated. In addition, we did a “solder torch test” on HT-800 (we’ll post a video in a later blog), and HT-800 did not catch fire, drip or melt even with the more aggressive flame.

Stockwell Elastomerics is a Preferred Converter for Rogers Corporation materials, including BISCO silicone products and PORON® urethane foam products. Stockwell Elastomerics maintains inventory of the vast majority of both the HT-800 family and PORON family of products.

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