Although we usually think of silicone rubber as being pigmented red, black, or gray in color, it is also available in clear, transparent sheets and as custom molded parts. Using our liquid injection molding (LIM) capability we can mold clear components in durometers from 10 to 70 Shore A. For flat gaskets we suggest HT-6240, a clear, high purity, 40 durometer silicone rubber which we inventory in 36″ wide rolls in .010″, .020″, .032″, .062″, and .125″ thicknesses. HT-6240 is stored between two liners to maintain cleanliness.

A pressure sensitive acrylic or silicone adhesive can be applied to HT-6240. As with other silicone rubber and sponge products, Stockwell Elastomerics can supply a sample sheet or a prototype part cut on our waterjet cutting equipment. View HT-6240 data sheet for more details about this material.

Transparent silicone can be used as an “invisible” gasket to enhance cosmetic appeal. Other uses include overlays, flexible laboratory covers, transparent membranes, and air flow diaphragms on respirators and ventilators.

For applications assistance or more information about clear / transparent silicone rubber, please call Stockwell Elastomerics at 215-335-3005 or complete a contact form for assistance.

2 thoughts on “Clear or Transparent Silicone Rubber

  1. Luke Harris


    I’d be very interested in taking a sample sheet of your clear silicone. Do you supply to UK companies?

    Luke Harris

  2. Alex Santayana

    Hi Luke, thanks for your interest in our products. Yes, we supply this material globaly. Please use the contact us form to reach out to our team to discuss further.

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