Gasket DesignsGaskets are arguably the least sexy part of a mechanical design, equally arguable is that they are one of the most critical parts with in a design…especially in wet and outdoor applications.  One customer told me they had a million dollar recall due to a bad gasket design, they came to Stockwell Elastomerics to help resolve the design issue.  In this particular case, the geometry was fine but the material selection was incorrect.  Stockwell was able to work with the customer to develop a proper gasket that met their long term requirements.

With gasket designs all factors need to be considered early, these include: cost, regulations, life expectancy, environmental condition, and manufactuability.  I was recently working with a customer who was at the beginning of their design,  he had come across a Machine Design article that I had worked on a few years back, the article is still viable and helps give some focus when starting a custom gasket design.  Below is a link to the Machine Design article.  Please feel free to contact Stockwell Elastomerics to discuss your custom gasket application.

Summary of considerations for gasket design:

  •           Define Function
  •           Identify regulatory requirements
  •           Understand environmental conditions
  •           Material Selection
  •           Consider manufacturability

Machine Design Article:
Other useful Tech tips:
Stockwell Elastomerics is a custom gasket manufacturer with staff Applications Engineers available to help with your gasket design.  With onsite die cutting, molding, waterjet cutting, tool-less knife cutting and a very comprehensive inventory, Stockwell is able to offer the right manufacturing method and material for your custom gasket.

For more information, please contact Stockwell by phone at 1-800-523-0123 or email

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