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Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions

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Custom Gaskets for Autonomous Vehicles

Stockwell Elastomerics is helping the industry that is redefining vehicle travel for the 21st century by supporting autonomous vehicle development with precision custom gaskets. Manned and unmanned self-driving vehicles contain an elaborate system of cameras and sensors, combined with sophisticated operational software which relies on OTA updates. These vehicles operate in outdoor conditions exposed to rain, snow and UV light, so it is vital that these sensor systems are protected.

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High performance silicone elastomers from Stockwell Elastomerics are currently being used by the industry for environmental sealing, thermal management and EMI shielding.

Stockwell Elastomerics supplies materials that help designers meet IP water seal ratings as well as UL 94 flame ratings. Electrically conductive silicone products for EMI shielding such as SNE-540 and SNE-556 nickel graphite silicone are in stock. These EMI materials can become a vital component to ensure operational success with respect to data transfer.

Technical data about materials for EMI gaskets and silicone gaskets is available via these links:

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