Machine DesignThere are many variables in designing a gasket, let alone designing for manufacturability. I recently worked with Machine Design to publish an article (November, 2010 issue) that speaks to some of the key elements of gasket design. The article touches on; functional consideration (dust seal or water gasket), material selection (silicone sponge, silicone foam, neoprene, Poron urethane foam), mechanical factors should be considered (housing rigidity and gasket compression) and manufacturability (quantities, adhesive backing, and tolerances). Each of these elements varies depending industry; materials, design, and production methods will vary. For example a LED area light requires outdoor weather sealing, very long life and needs to resist stress relaxation. In contrast a serviceable touch screen gasket may be more concerned with dust and static dissipation for ESD.

While a small article won’t have all the answers, the goal is to help get a new gasket design started on the right track. Beyond this Machine Design article Stockwell’s website offers information on materials, datasheets and technical tips. Additionally Stockwell Elastomerics offers applications engineering support to designers and engineers as well as cut to size waterjet prototyping when CAD files are provided. For more information about gasket design and gasket materials, please visit or call 215-335-3005.

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