LED outdoor light fixture

Bill Stockwell, President of Stockwell Elastomerics, recently contributed an informative article in the September / October 2012 edition of Lighting Technology titled “Specifying Gaskets for LED Lighting Fixtures“.  This article offers excellent guidance and insight to commercially available gasket materials used in outdoor LED lighting applications.

The long service life and low maintenance of LED lighting aligns very well with silicone gasket materials. Traditional gasket materials could be replaced at the time of maintence or bulb replacement, long gasket life was not as much of a concern. New lighting technology such as LED and induction benefit from the long life of silicone materials and help protect units from damage. Since the initial investment of LED units are higher and warranties longer, the stakes have been raised, and a failed seal could be costly.

Here is a link to “Specifying Gaskets for LED Lighting Fixtures” in Lighting Technology.

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