One thing we do quite often at Stockwell, but is not highly publicized, is material laminations. In some cases we laminate standard sheet goods to create a non-standard thickness. In other cases we laminate materials for performance properties. For example we laminate UHMW film, Teflon coated fiberglass or high strength silicone to sponge or foam to create a tough surface for a pad or elastomeric spring. We occasionally will be requested to laminate foils or electrically conductive fabric to sponges or foam to resolve ESD or EMI challenges.

It is very common for us to laminate a variety pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to base materials such as; silicone sheets (solid, sponge, or foam), urethane foam (Poron), “organic” sponge. PSA’s are typically applied to one or two sides of the base material. We stock a wide range of PSA’s which we are able to choose from to best fit our customers’ application.

All the laminations we do are to meet specific requirements or to resolve interesting challenges that our customers encounter. Combining several materials allows for a much broader range of performace capabilities.

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