Stockwell Elastomerics has recently added two new EMI gasket materials: SNAF-572, a nickel-coated aluminum particle filled fluorosilicone and SNA-568, a nickel-coated aluminum particle filled silicone.

Electrically conductive gaskets

Example EMI gaskets – Molded and Flat Cut

Both of these gasket materials are electrically conductive nickel-coated aluminum particle filled (aka nickel-aluminum) materials with superior galvanic corrosion resistance. Typical EMI elastomers often contain silver or graphite filler. These fillers can often cause corrosion when used in some corrosive environments, such as salt water. Nickel-aluminum filled elastomers provide proven resistance to this, lending to better long term EMI performance in typical application environments. SNAF-572’s fluorosilicone rubber base polymer also provides enhanced resistance to swelling and deterioration when in contact with oils, fuels and fluids used in aviation. These materials are commonly specified in aerospace marine applications to ensure long term survivability and performance.

These compounds were developed by Specialty Silicone Products, Inc. (SSP), and are available to end-users through Stockwell Elastomerics as die cut gaskets, waterjet cut gaskets, and compression molded gaskets. These nickel-aluminum filled gasket materials are dark-gray and have a smooth surface in comparison to nickel-graphite filled elastomers. SNA-568 was tested for galvanic corrosion according to ASTM B117 for saltwater spray. Additional testing data is readily available based on access to SSP’s development team and their rigorous testing, including the results from their third party testing data.

Another benefit of these materials is long term cost stability. Recently, the price of silver has been quite volatile and continues to follow an upward trend. This will likely lead to an instability of silver-filled elastomer prices – prices may quickly increase. In comparison, nickel-aluminum filled elastomers should be protected due to stability in aluminum filler prices.

These nickel-aluminum products are available as die cut and waterjet cut from flat sheet stock, and both compounds can be molded to custom thickness or part geometries using Stockwell Elastomerics’ in-house compression molding capabilities.

Contact Stockwell Elastomerics for further assistance with nickel-coated aluminum particle filled silicone (SNA-568) and fluorosilicone (SNAF-572).

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