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New EMI Shielding Gasket Materials Webpage

Stockwell Elastomerics has expanded the webpage for EMI gasket materials and datasheets for ESD, EMI, and electrically conductive rubber. With a core competence in silicone elastomers, Stockwell Elastomerics offers a variety of silicone-based EMI shielding materials to help attenuate electronic emissions and seal out environmental conditions. Below are brief summaries about EMI / environmental gasket materials offered by Stockwell Elastomerics.

6 nickel-graphite EMI gaskets
Nickel Graphite Filled Silicone or Fluorosilicone – are the most commonly specified products for their very good attenuation and relatively low cost.  Products such as SNE-553 and SNE-540 also offer environmental sealing; they are capable of meeting IP65, IP66, and IP67, when properly compressed.  Nickel plated graphite filled sheets are available in .010” – .125”, parts can also be compression molded by Stockwell Elastomerics.

Silver-plated aluminum-filled silicone EMI shielding gaskets

Silver Aluminum Filled Silicone or Fluorosilicone – are most often specified when lower volume resistivity is needed or MIL-DTL-83528 specified materials are required. Silver plated aluminum filled EMI shielding gaskets are typically manufactured in .010 – .062” sheets or compression molded.

EMI gaskets with bonded wire mesh
Knitted Monel Wire Mesh / Closed Cell Sponge – also called combination EMI gaskets, these are most often specified for large EMI gaskets with low clamping force. Silicone foam, silicone sponge and fluorosilicone sponge materials can be used in conjunction with knitted Monel mesh. These custom EMI gaskets are typically manufactured 0.125” or 0.25” thick.

Stockwell Elastomerics is an EMI gasket manufacturer offering several methods to deliver custom EMI components, including 3D molded EMI parts, die cut EMI gaskets and rapid waterjet cut EMI gaskets. Stockwell Elastomerics also offers 3M conductive peel and stick adhesive backings for flat cut EMI gaskets and select molded EMI gaskets.

For more information about EMI gasket materials and custom EMI shielding gaskets manufactured by Stockwell Elastomerics, please call Stockwell Elastomerics at 215-335-3005 or complete a contact form for assistance.

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