Aircraft mechanic repairing jet engine

Aircraft mechanic repairing jet engine

Fluorosilicone, also called fluorosilicone rubber or FVMQ, is a problem-solving material for tough engineering challenges. Fluorosilicone’s inherent resistance to non-polar solvents, fuels, and oils at temperatures between -70°F and 450°F is critical for materials in modern engine turbos, airplanes, and rockets.

Sometimes fluorosilicone can be difficult for engineers and designers to practically access in moderate quantities due to its limited commercial availability. Stockwell Elastomerics understands that large order minimums and long lead times can make it difficult for engineers to utilize fluorosilicone, which may be the best material choice for their application, and strives to break down those barriers.

With the introduction of Stockwell Elastomerics’ SSP4773 High Performance Fluorosilicone, this is no longer the case anymore. Stockwell Elastomerics has partnered with Specialty Silicone Products to bring Mil-DTL-25988C military grade fluorosilicone rubber to the market, available in standard durometer and thickness with a low order minimum.

Designers and engineers can contact Stockwell Elastomerics for material selection assistance with a variety of elastomers, including fluorosilicone and the new SSP4773.

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