Stockwell Elastomerics has been developing a new film supported silicone pressure sensitive adhesive for silicone rubber gasketing over the past few months.

We teamed up with a specialty adhesive manufacturer to develop our new DP1001-2HT, which has 2 mils of silicone polymer adhesive on both sides of an amber colored polyimide film carrier. Initially I resisted having an amber colored carrier in the adhesive. Our current film supported silicone adhesive offerings, AR8458 and D644, have clear film carriers and clear PET release liners. However, I have learned that some users are unable to differentiate between the carrier and release liner during assembly. Now that problem is solved with the amber carrier construction of DP1001-2HT.

What is the benefit of a carrier? The film support, or carrier, serves two functions. It provides some dimensional stability when the release liner is removed from the adhesive backed gasket; preventing the stretching of the gasket during installation. The carrier film also prevents migration of the silicone adhesive into the silicone rubber gasketing – thereby extending the shelf life of the silicone adhesive backing on the gasket.

The polyimide film carrier combined with the silicone polymer adhesive provide a working temperature of -100 to +500 deg F, or every bit as robust as the silicone rubber gasket material.

We are now reaching out to our customers and providing samples. I find it exciting to see a project fulfill a long term need !

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