Over the last few months Bill Stockwell has been working on a new brochure that highlights Stockwell Elastomerics core products and service. I thought it would be interesting to show a couple pages from an archive brochure. I’m guessing this brochure is from the 1940 – 1950’s. Think about what may have been involved with that brochure. No digital pictures or computers back then!

It’s remarkable how some things remain the same and others do not. As an example on the inside cover of the 1940ish brochure the slogan reads “What we really SELL is SERVICE” this very much holds true for Stockwell today. The old Stockwell Rubber Company sold everything “rubber” whereas today Stockwell Elastomerics is focused on high performance materials (such as silicone, Poron urethane foam, thermal and electrically conductive rubber), custom manufacturing (waterjet cutting, die cutting, slitting, and molding. Quick reliable service is still at the core of Stockwell’s business model.

The New 2008 Stockwell Elastomerics Brochure:

For a copy of our New Brochure or more information on our products and services, please contact us at service@stockwell.com or by phone at 215-335-3005.

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