Norseal silicone foam samplesSaint-Gobain Norseal® silicone foam is a family of flame-retardant elastomers with low toxicity and smoke generation. These cellular materials are expandable, conformable, and have a low compression set. They’re non-corrosive for use with metals in hostile environments, and provide weather, ozone, UV, and fungus resistance for outdoor use. From aviation and mass transit to the automotive, electronics, construction, and furniture industries, Norseal silicone foam provides an alternative to other silicone foams available in the market.

Two Types of Silicone FoamSaint-Gobain Norseal® Silicone Foam
There are two types of Norseal silicone foam: F-12 and F-20. Both are available in variety of thicknesses, have a temperature range of -60°F to 400°F, and pass UL 94 V-0 and Bombardier SMP 800-C tests. F-12 passes FAR 25.856 (A-1 and B), and F-20 passes FAR 25.853 (12s & 60s). F-12 is typically cast 36” wide (some thicknesses 18” wide). F-20 is available as a 36” roll only. The standard color for these silicone foams is gray; however, they’re also available in white or black.


Norseal Silicone Foam, Sheet Material
PDF# Material Manufacturer Deflection (psi) Description
402 F-12 Saint-Gobain/Norseal 1 – 6 Extra Soft, Open Cell, Silicone Foam
405 F-20 Saint-Gobain/Norseal 6 – 14 Medium, Modified Closed Cell, Silicone Foam

F-12 has a compression force deflection (CFD) value of 1-6 psi. F-20 has a CFD value of 6-14 psi. Those values are when the material is compressed 25%, per ASTM 1056.

Norseal F-12 Silicone Foam

Norseal F-12 silicone foam has a modified cellular structure and is a low-density, conformable material for lighter-duty gasketing and insulation. Its material properties include flame retardancy, low toxic gas emissions, and excellent compression set resistance. Applications for this fire-blocking silicone foam include fire- and heat-resistant gaskets, sealing and cushioning, and radiant heat shields and insulation blankets. Standard Norseal F-12 has one smooth side and one textured side; however, a smooth finish on both sides is available as a custom option. There are nine thicknesses available, beginning at 1/16″.

Download the F-12 silicone foam data sheet

Norseal F-20 Silicone Foam

Norseal F-20 silicone foam has a finer, closed-cell structure and is medium-density silicone foam for applications that need to meet stringent flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) requirements. Examples include aircraft, aerospace, military, mass transit, and electronic applications. Because F-20 provides excellent resistance to environmental conditions, this silicone foam is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor sealing and gasketing. Unlike standard F-12, standard F-20 is smooth on both sides. There are eight thicknesses available, beginning at 1/32″.

Download the F-20 silicone foam data sheet

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Norseal® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain.