Supported adhesives, also called double coated tapes, get their name from their construction. A thin plastic like layer, typically PET, is coated on both sides with a thin layers of adhesive. The most common family of pressure sensitive adhesives are acrylic based. Adhesive manufacturers such as 3M, Adchem, and Saint-Gobain offer many varieties of adhesives with different bond strengths, temperature ranges, and mechanical properties. The thin support layer (or carrier layer) of supported (or double coated) adhesives offers dimensional stability when added to an elastomeric material.Supported PSA double-coated

These pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) with supported construction are typically self wound. When unrolled one side of the adhesive is exposed. In most cases Stockwell Elastomerics applies the exposed adhesive to the gasket or pad material, the release liner remains intact until the end user is ready to peel and stick. This adhesive backing is very helpful for the end user during assembly. In some cases we will apply a second liner to the exposed face and die cut the adhesive to a specific geometry.

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