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R10490-M fluorosilicone sponge meets AMS 3323

Stockwell Elastomericshave a number of gasket applications for R10490-M closed cell fluorosilicone sponge that are used in very harsh environments. These conditions include exposure to engine oil, hydraulic fluid, Coolanol, PAO and jet fuel over broad temperatures and outdoor conditions. The aircraft and aerospace industries have been the largest users of R10490-M to date. It is only suggested where no other product will hold up to the fluids, due to the cost.

On occasion, Stockwell Elastomerics will send out samples of a certain material compound for third party testing. To confirm properties, or to audit the results of a material specification. Accordingly, we submitted samples of R10490-M to SSP Testing Services to confirm passing AMS 3323, Class 2 (medium density). The sample passed all of the requirements of the specification.

R10490-M gaskets AMS-3323 class 2 passedOur first project using R10490-M was for the retrofit of an airborne infrared sensor in the early 1990’s. A number of similar applications have developed since then. The photo shows that we often laminate thin layers of .062″ or .125″ thick R10490-M into thicker pads and gaskets. We also laminate 3M 9473 and 3M 467 acrylic adhesive backings onto R10490-M when requested. We always suggest testing a sample for specific fluid resistance prior to final specification of R10490-M.

For applications assistance or more information about fluorosilicone gaskets that meet AMS specifications, please call Stockwell Elastomerics at 215-335-3005 or complete a contact form for assistance.

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