Stockwell Elastomerics’ Customer Service team received a call on a Tuesday afternoon at 3:30PM from a good customer who was in a bit of a panic… their engineering team realized they needed custom gaskets for their device that was shipping out the next day, without the gaskets they would miss their critical deadline.

Like a finely tuned machine, Stockwell’s team was able to quickly, process the order, program their waterjets, pulled the materials, custom laminated adhesive, and cut the custom gaskets.  At the same time Quality Control put together the documentation needed for final inspection.  Within a couple hours, two production runs of fully inspected and certified custom gaskets were manufactured and taken to the FedEx depot for next day delivery. The customer was amazed and appreciative of how Stockwell Elastomerics was able to get them out of their jam and meet their deadline.

While manufacturing a set of custom gaskets within a few hours is not typical, Stockwell Elastomerics has institutionalized a Rapid Response model.  Manufacturing custom gaskets to ship within a few days is common and producing production volumes within 2 weeks is the general standard lead time.  Stockwell’s comprehensive inventory of high performance materials – silicone sponge, silicone foam, Poron urethane foam, rubber sheet rolls, and 3M adhesive backings, help ensure that Stockwell can respond quickly to customer’s needs.

If you have a need for quick turn gaskets and a custom gasket manufacturer who can respond to your critical need, please contact Stockwell Elastomerics at 1-800-523-0123 or email

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