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Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions

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Rapid Response for Gaskets and Sealing Devices Production

Waterjet cutting in processStockwell Elastomerics has a rich history of working with customers to solve challenging gasketing and sealing design challenges. Stockwell Elastomerics has built a strong technical customer support organization of mechanical engineers and of experienced associates in customer service, sales engineering, applications engineering, manufacturing process engineering, and leadership. With extensive knowledge and experience using high performance silicones (solid silicone, silicone foam, silicone sponge, liquid silicone rubber, high consistency rubber) and PORON® microcellular polyurethane, Stockwell Elastomerics’ gasket design services and product development assistance can be a critical extension to a technology OEM’s design and engineering teams. The company’s manufacturing team has more than 50 highly skilled fabricators producing precisely specified designs of both molded and converted or fabricated components.

In addition to strong technical and materials capabilities, Stockwell Elastomerics has developed and continues to improve its ability to respond quickly for select customers and applications. This Rapid Response approach includes:

  • A formal, cross functional, strategic team (Applications Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sales Engineering, and Customer Service) that is able to expedite gasket design, quoting, sampling, test production, rapid prototyping, and early production to support customers’ tight timelines.
  • Flexible production capacity to pivot quickly in support of select customers’ strategic needs.
  • New and updated equipment – in the last 2 years, there has been a strong investment in updating and adding new computerized numerical control (CNC) driven converting machines, so now there are multiple flash cutting and waterjet cutting machines to speed up the design and the early commercialization milestones for customers.
  • Internal and external 3D printing capabilities to provide fast conceptual design review and to produce complex manufacturing fixtures for part assembly.
  • Strong inventory positions in core silicone and urethanes (solid, foam, sponge, LSR, HCR) to reduce lead time barriers during the design and rapid prototyping phases of product development.

Utilize the Stockwell Elastomerics’ Rapid Response method for gasketing and sealing products with challenging product designs and quick turn manufacturing needs by contacting Stockwell Elastomerics.


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