Announced August 2013, Rogers Corporation has discontinued their 7000 series silicone sponge line.  Originally manufactured by the MTI Groendyk silicone group; the 7000 series products were

Traditional Silicone sponge (orange) &
RS-700 Series (grey)

sheet molded, peroxide cured, expanded silicone sponge offered in a variety of densities and formulations (see list below).  Rogers is replacing the 7000 series with an enhanced series called RS-700 .  The RS-700 products are manufactured in continuous lengths, in three firmness grades (soft, medium and firm) and are UL recognized gasket materials:  JMLU2, UL157, UL50 / UL50E for types 2, 3,3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 5, 6, 6P, 12, 12K, 13 (continuous compression and periodic recompression)

Stockwell Observations of RS-700 series

RS700 silicone sponge series has very good mechanical properties, uniform closed cell structure, and a smooth surface as compared to the “fabric” finish on traditional silicone sponge products.  The RS-700 series is offered in shades of gray (RS-720 = Fog Gray, RS-750 = Steel Gray, RS-770 Charcoal Gray).  As with all silicone offerings, Stockwell Elastomerics is capable of laminating acrylic and silicone pressure sensitive adhesives to the RS-700 series.  Lamination bonds are similar to those of the 7000 Series, Bisco Silicone Foams  and Cohrlastic Silicone sponge products.

Discontinued 7000 Silicone Sponge Line

7000 Series Silicone Sponge

7104 – Soft Silicone Sponge
7129 – Soft Flame Resistant Silicone Sponge (UL 94 HB)
7204 – Soft/Medium Silicone Sponge
7204 LCS – Soft/Medium Silicone Sponge (Low Compression Set)
7304 – Medium Silicone Sponge
7304 LCS – Medium Silicone Sponge (Low Compression Set)
7304 FDA- Medium Silicone Sponge (FDA Ingredients)
7329 – Medium Flame Resistant Silicone Sponge
7404 – Medium/Firm Silicone Sponge
7404 LCS – Medium/Firm Silicone Sponge (Low Compression Set)
7504 – Firm Silicone Sponge
7429 – Medium Flame Resistant Silicone Sponge
Replacement RS-700 Silicone Sponge Line
RS-720 – Soft Silicone Sponge Sheet / Roll
RS-750 – Medium Silicone Sponge Roll
RS-770 – Firm Silicone Sponge Roll

Traditional Silicone Sponge Product Offerings

The RS-700 products look and feel a bit different than traditional silicone sponge products but still possess the same high performance gasket properties:  excellent compression set resistance, wide temperature range, UV/ozone resistance and good water sealing.  If traditional orange silicone sponge is required, Stockwell Elastomerics still offers Cohrlastic R-10480Sand R-10470M silicone sponge products.

For more information about the RS-700 Series or traditional silicone sponge products; please contact Stockwell at 215-335-3005, or visit

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