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Rubatex Closing – Alternatives and Existing Inventory from Stockwell

Rubatex’ Abrupt Closing, Alternatives

In June of 2010 Rubatex International abruptly closed their doors. No notice was provided – it was learned that the gate was padlocked. Rumors that the company was financially stressed had been buzzing but nobody expected the doors would close so suddenly.

While the shut down was abrupt, Stockwell Elastomerics has been able to service the majority of their customers with existing inventory levels of Rubatex closed cell sponge products. As with many materials offered by Stockwell Elastomerics, these inventoried materials allow for fast turn production. The primary Rubatex products offered by Stockwell Elastomerics are premium grade closed cell neoprene, epichlorohydrin and EPDM sponge materials. Stockwell Elastomerics will continue to sell its remaining inventory of Rubatex materials while transitioning customers to quality alternates manufactured by American National Rubber (ANR). View the alternatives to Rubatex now offered by Stockwell on our closed cell rubber / neoprene data sheets page.

American National Rubber (ANR) manufactures a variety of closed cell sponge products to ASTM and UL specifications. In addition to the ANR products, Stockwell Elastomerics offers a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) that can be laminated to the ANR closed cell sponges. These laminated materials can be readily die cut, slit or water jet cut by Stockwell Elastomerics.

For further information or to inquire about Rubatex materials and their solid sheet rubber gasket material replacements, please call Stockwell Elastomerics at 215-335-3005 or complete a contact form for assistance.

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