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Strip Gasket, Gasket Tape, Strip-N-Stick® – Sponge and Foam Gasketing Tapes

Gasket tapes, also called strip gaskets / gasket strips, slit-to-width gaskets, foam tapes and Strip-N-Stick®, are all names for sponges or foams that have a peel and stick adhesive backing which are then cut to a prescribed width. Because the material is rolled up and supplied on a core it resembles a roll of tape. One of the most common consumer uses is weather stripping, used to reduce air leaks in windows during the winter months. While it would seem any gasket tape would suffice for a seal, the fact is that all materials are not created equal. This is especially true for commercial and industrial applications where NEMA, UL, or IP requirements need to be met. Often overlooked is long term performance; some material will perform well initially, however over time they will relax and take a compression set which can result in leaks and require costly field repairs.

Stockwell Elastomerics has extensive experience in gasketing and sealing applications and has hand picked the best performing materials for strip door gaskets, enclosure gaskets, NEMA gaskets and IP gaskets. These offerings take into consideration long term use, UV and ozone exposure, extreme high/low temperatures and firmness for compression. Included are materials listed by UL for UL50, UL50E (periodic recompression & continuous compression), UL197, UL508, UL 1571, UL1572, and UL94 V0. Also included are foams that meet 21 CFR 177.2600 suitable for food contact. This wide range of Gasket Tapes (or Strip gasket) allows Stockwell to supply gasket materials that will meet most enclosure gasketing needs .

An important design note about strip gaskets for enclosure gaskets is that for more aggressive wash down tests it is best to protect the gasket from a direct blast from the jets. In some cases the ends need to be bonded to eliminate ingress and the joint. Also, having a latching or fastening scheme that allows for even compression, hedges the chances for passing a NEMA or IP test. Stockwell Elastomerics’ Applications Engineers can help pick the best material for a particular test.

The base foams and sponges for strip gaskets from Stockwell Elastomerics include R-10470 closed cell silicone sponge, HT-800 closed cell silicone foam, F12, R-10450 reinforced silicone sponge, HT-870 open cell silicone foam, and 3M VHB foam tapes. These foam tapes / sponge tapes are stocked in pre-laminated lengths and held in master logs (typically 36″ wide) ready to be slit to customer specified widths (e.g. 0.75″, 1″, etc.). Stockwell Elastomerics often makes custom gasket tapes by applying an adhesive to a foam or sponge not listed above. Materials like PORON® urethane foam are readily made into foam tapes.

For applications assistance or more information about gasket tape and strip gaskets, please call Stockwell Elastomerics at 215-335-3005 or complete a contact form for assistance.

Strip-N-Stick® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain.
PORON® is a registered trademark of Rogers Corporation.

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