The video below illustrates how thermal gap filler pads work. In this video TC-3008 is applied to the bottom of a beaker to minimize the air pockets and make better contact with the heat plate.


Below are several points to take notice of in the video.

Variety of hardnesses and conductivity (0:06 sec) – from left to right, St. Gobian TC-2006 (violet), TC-3006 (green), TC-3008 and Bergquist Gap Pad Ultra Soft V0 (blue, white, mauve), more options available

Soft gap filler pads (0:09 sec) – gap filler are usually measured on the Shore00 scale since they are very soft, they are easily squeezed by finger

Thermally Conductive Gap PadsPermanent deformation (0:11 sec) – thermal gap filler pads have a dough or gum like composition, they generally do not rebound fully after being compressed

Toughness (0:12 sec) – since gap fillers are heavily loaded with conductive particles they can tear easily if handled roughly. This is not typically an issue due to how these material are used.

Thermal pad was cut to size (0:19 sec) – parts can be cut into basic or complex geometries.

Release liners (0:25 sec) – gap filler pads are supplied with lines since they are tacky.

Fast install and no greasy mess (0:28 sec) – pre-cut, tacky gap fillers, install quickly without messy grease or paste.

Tacky gap filler (0:34 sec) – generally there is no adhesive applied to gap filler but they are tacky enough to stick in place as shown being stuck to the bottom of the beaker.

High temperature (0:44 sec) – thermal gap filler pads have a typical operating temperature of 200°C (392°F).

Heat transfer (0:47 sec) – the video illustrates the enhanced heat transfer to the beaker which brings the beaker with the thermal gap filler to a boiler faster. Note: this is not an intended use of these gap filler pads.

Why to choose thermal gap filler from Stockwell Elastomerics (0:57 sec) – less air entrapment, more surface contact, better heat transfer.

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