St. Gobain’s R-10400-M flame retardant silicone sponge is a unique expanded silicone sheet product. It has similar mechanical properties as standard silicone sponge rubber but with flame resistance, R-10400 holds an aggressive UL94 V0 flame rating. Silicone is a naturally heat resistant rubber, however without enhanced chemistry it is capable of burning in the presence of a flame. R-10400 may be used similarly to standard silicone sponge products such as enclosure gaskets, soft gasket, vibration dampening, environmental gaskets, and water sealing but also for application such as military and electronics that require a UL94 V0 flame rating or flame resistance.

Description: Flame Resistant Closed Cell Silicone Sponge Rubber
Put up: Silicone Roll or Silicone Sheet
Temperature Range: 100 – 500°F (-73 – 260°C)
Force Deflection: 10psi (@ room temp)
Compression Set: 10% (22hrs @ 212°F)
Thermal: Thermal Insulator, .02 W/m-K
Electrical: Electrical Insulator, Volume Resistivity 8E15 Ohm-cm
Flame Rating: Flame Retardant Rubber, UL94 V0
FDA Rated: 21 CFR 177.2600

Other properties such as UV resistant and a wide functional temperature range, makes R-10400 an ideal product for outdoor gasket and electronic enclosure gasket applications, where performance is paramount. Stockwell offers a wide range of adhesive backings (peel and stick) for ease of installation.

For more information on R-10400 flame resistant silicone sponge or other UL94 flame rated products, please call (215) 335-3005 or email

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