The picture below is a demonstration piece that I made to show how Stockwell’s 3 waterjet units are able to cut complex geometries with ease. A steel ruled tool or solid steel tool would be relatively expensive and still would not offer tolerances equal to the waterjet cut parts. As a service to our customers, Stockwell Elastomerics will waive the programming setup charges if a CAD file is provided.

The piece shown above was cut from fluorosilicone sponge that meets the AMS-3323 requirements. Fluorosilicone is most commonly used in the aerospace industry when chemical resistance is required in conjunction with good mechanical properties at low and high temperatures.
We are often water jet cutting varieties of silicone gaskets and silicone pads including; solid silicone, silicone sponge, and silicone foam. Aside from silicone products, we are able to water jet cut the vast majority of our stock. Stockwell has hundreds of materials such as; urethane foam, thermal gap fillers, emi / esd material, high grade nitrile, EPDM sponge, just to name a few. In many cases using the water jet can offer cost savings especially with more costly materials such as conductive silver filled fluorosilicone where better yields are possible.
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