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Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions

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Welcome to the Elastomerics Blog!

This blog will have commentary on particular news or observations of the industry and trade. I will show particular work that we have done to solve a problem – since all of our work continues to be done on premises in Philadelphia (versus off-shore), I suppose that in itself may be newsworthy. I hope you take a moment to read this when you visit our site – and please comment – good or bad – I would like to hear from you.

Why Stockwell Elastomerics? Later this month, Stockwell Rubber Company, Inc will be renamed Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

What about the Stockwell Rubber name? Founded in 1919, the company has survived through 4 generations of Stockwells. I am the fourth generation in the business, serving as CEO and majority shareholder.

Although my father, Elbridge F. Stockwell, Jr. (third generation) has ‘retired’ from the day to day activities of the business, he still contributes one day per week, providing valuable input on technical matters. A custom job shop is always changing its production mix – and I think he gets a kick out of seeing the different jobs running through our facilities.

I believe Stockwell Rubber Company sounds staid and old. We’re all about responsiveness in 2005. And we sell very little ‘rubber’ these days. Poron® cellular urethane, silicone foams, silicone sponges, thin solid silicone, conductive elastomers and specialty adhesives and compounds are the mainstay of the business these days. And for turnarounds, we frequently ship waterjet cut prototypes the next day. Even our custom molding operations are leaning out delivery times. This is a much different company than I joined in 1978, and its time to leave the old behind. I think my grandfather, his brother and father would only be scolding me by saying – so what took you so long !?

– Bill Stockwell, CEO, Stockwell Elastomerics

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