Kiss cutting is a die cutting process where a gasket or pad is supplied rolled up on the adhesive liner. If you were able to watch the cutting process in slow motion you would see the die penetrate the gasket or pad material, then continue through the thin adhesive layer and cut partially into the adhesive liner. The gasket or pad must have a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA or “peel and stick”) backing for kiss-cutting to be possible.
kiss cut gaskets
Kiss cutting has several advantages over individually cut through parts. Kiss-cut gaskets the parts to be rolled up, parts on rolls are easier to handle can and can be set up neatly and dispensed in a paper towel like fashion at assembly work stations. Also, peeling the part off the release liner is considerably easier than removing the release liner from an individual part, this helps increase production throughput.

Stockwell regularly kiss-cuts gaskets and pads from solid silicone, silicone sponge, silicone foam, and Poron. Other materials include foam adhesives such as 3M VHB’s and thermal pads. Note, not all materials and parts can be kiss-cut – for more information please contact or use the Stockwell contact form.

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