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Stockwell Elastomerics is a leader among silicone rubber gasket manufacturers, offering a variety of materials and capabilities.Stockwell Elastomerics is a premier silicone rubber gasket manufacturer in the USA, and is a leading gasket supplier and custom gasket fabrication specialist with a broad range of gasket manufacturing capabilities to serve the technology sector. Stockwell Elastomerics has invested in on-site die cutting capabilitieswater jet cuttingcompression molding and liquid injection molding capabilities. We know of no other gasket manufacturers or gasket suppliers in our market with this range of on-site production capabilities to fabricate silicone gaskets.

Die Cutting

Stockwell Elastomerics’ die cutting capabilities for gasket manufacturing range from kiss cutting small PORON® cellular urethanesilicone foam and silicone sponge pads with adhesive backings on Preco semi-automatic presses to large solid rubber and sponge gaskets.

Water Jet Cutting

Three Flow International water jet cutting systems are on-site to provide prototype gaskets, fast-turn initial production gaskets and production quantities of gaskets with intricate configurations cut using electronic drawing files.


Liquid injection molding (LIM) of silicone rubber gaskets is another specialty and prominent technology offering. The relatively fast cure cycles of the LIM process and range of silicone compounds from 10 to 70 durometer Shore A have enabled continued growth of our on-site custom molding operations.

Custom Silicone Rubber Gaskets

Silicone rubber gasket fabrication and molding is our core competence. Stockwell Elastomerics has aligned its product line with Rogers’ BISCO® Silicone Unit, Saint Gobain’s NORSEAL® (formerly COHRlastic®) Silicone Rubber product line, General Electric Silicones and Wacker Silicones.

Custom Conductive Gaskets and EMI Gaskets

Stockwell Elastomerics’ gasket manufacturing capabilities range from water jet cutting and die cutting conductive gaskets from sheets to compression molding conductive gaskets. Compounds include nickel-graphite, silver plated aluminum and silver plated glass bead filled silicone and fluorosilicone compounds. Stockwell Elastomerics regularly laminates 3M 9713 and other electrically conductive acrylic adhesives onto conductive silicone rubber. Proprietary silicone priming technology allows for a conductive path from the gasket through the bond interface for EMI shielding performance.

Gasket Fabrication

Stockwell Elastomerics fabricates gaskets from silicone foamclosed cell silicone spongesolid silicone rubberfluorosilicone, fluoroelastomers, PORON® cellular urethaneselectrically conductive and thermally conductive silicones and similar high performance materials.

On-site gasket fabrication capabilities include: rubber compression moldingliquid injection molding of silicone rubberdie cuttingpressure sensitive adhesive laminationspecialty gasket fabrication using UV curing processes and assembly methods and water jet cutting. Dedication to broad gasket fabrication capability enables Stockwell Elastomerics to serve the low to mid production quantity needs of the analytical instrumentation, medical diagnostic equipment and portable data acquisition device industries.

Stockwell Elastomerics’ gasket manufacturing / gasket fabrication capabilities serve prototype and initial production. This specialty is enhanced by on-site water jet cutting units and a commitment to assist engineers throughout the production design cycle.

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