Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions
Experts in Silicone Gasket Solutions

Request a Free Silicone Sponge / Silicone Foam Gasket Tape Touch Brochure

SE202T Gasket Tape Touch BrochureStockwell Elastomerics is a leading manufacturer/supplier of gasket tape and adhesive-backed strip gaskets. Use the form below to request a free “touch” brochure with small samples of gasket tapes to touch and feel. Gasket tape sample rolls are also available.

The samples included in the touch brochure are:

  • 480S Gasket Tape
  • Strip-N-Stick® 100S
  • Strip-N-Stick® 200A
  • HT-800 Gasket Tape
  • 400FR (flame retardant) Gasket Tape
  • Strip-N-Stick® 300AR
  • Strip-N-Stick® 512

Request a Free Gasket Tape Touch Brochure and Pre-Made Gasket Tape Sample Rolls

Complete this form to request a complimentary tactile brochure with small samples of silicone foam and silicone sponge gasket tape. One gasket tape sample roll can also be requested. (Sent via ground transport in the USA and Canada.)

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