Request a Free Silicone Sponge / Silicone Foam Gasket Tape Touch Brochure

SE202T Gasket Tape Touch BrochureStockwell Elastomerics is a leading manufacturer/supplier of gasket tape and adhesive-backed strip gaskets. Use the form below to request a free “touch” brochure with small samples of gasket tapes to touch and feel. Gasket tape sample rolls are also available.

The samples included in the touch brochure are:

  • 480S Gasket Tape
  • Strip-N-Stick® 100S
  • Strip-N-Stick® 200A
  • HT-800 Gasket Tape
  • 400FR (flame retardant) Gasket Tape
  • Strip-N-Stick® 300AR
  • Strip-N-Stick® 512

Request a Free Gasket Tape Touch Brochure and Pre-Made Gasket Tape Sample Rolls

Complete this form to request a complimentary touch brochure with small samples of silicone foam and silicone sponge gasket tape and/or gasket tape sample rolls in popular sizes. (Sent via ground transport in the USA and Canada.)