Overview of Applications and Industries

Stockwell Elastomerics serves leading manufacturers in the technology sector. The following list of industry sectors is not intended to be all inclusive; it’s just a sampling of our involvement in these industry sectors:

Gaskets for analytical instrumentation

Analytical Instrumentation

Door Gaskets, Panel Gaskets, Custom Molded Silicone Rubber and Fluoroelastomer Gaskets, EMI Shielding Gaskets.

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Gaskets for medical diagnostic equipment

Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Door Gaskets, Panel Gaskets, Custom Molded Silicone Diaphragm and Flexing Gaskets, Dust Gaskets, shock isolation, noise reduction.

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Gaskets for portable data devices

Portable Data Acquisition Devices

PORON® cellular urethane and silicone sponge cushioning pads and gaskets, molded silicone door and housing seals, thermally conductive interface pads, shock isolation.

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Gaskets for telecommunications devices


UL 94V-0 rated silicone foam door and panel gaskets for base stations, thermally conductive interface pads, molded electrically conductive silicone EMI shielding gaskets.

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Gaskets for airflow management

Airflow Management

Enclosure Gaskets, Cabin Air Filter Gaskets and Air Plenum Gaskets for enclosures, clean rooms and HEPA filters.

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Gaskets for aerospace and defense uses

Aerospace and Defense

Molded and Die Cut Fluorosilicone Gaskets for fuel and fluid resistance, low temperature silicone components, molded electrically conductive silicone EMI Shielding Gaskets, Conductive Grounding Pads for Ground Support Equipment.

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Gaskets for ruggedized portable devices

Ruggedized Portable Devices

Display Panel Gaskets, LCD Gaskets and Touch Screen Gaskets, Light and Dust Sealing, Occasional Outdoor Gasketing Requirements, Constant Outdoor Use Gasketing Requirements, Challenging Industrial Environments.

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Gaskets for LED lighting and LED enclosures

LED Enclosure Gaskets, LED Lighting Gaskets and Thermal Pads

LED gaskets, enclosure gaskets and thermal pads for long term weather protection and reduction of heat build-up to extend the life and performance of LED lighting and solid state lighting.

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Gaskets for touchscreens and touch panels

Touchscreen Gaskets, LCD Gasket, Touch Panel Gaskets

Touchscreen gaskets, LCD gaskets and integrated touch panel assemblies serve several functions – sealing, load distributing, gap filling, mechanical shock protection and over-press cushioning.

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Industrial Controls

PORON cellular urethane and closed cell sponge door gaskets that pass NEMA 4 wash down, thermally conductive interface pads.

General Applications

Sealing and Gasketing, Shock Isolation and Vibration Damping, EMI Shielding, ESD Protection, Thermal Management.

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