Request a Free Liquid Silicone Rubber Touch Brochure

Stockwell Elastomerics is a leading manufacturer/supplier of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molded parts, sheets and rolls. Use the form below to request a free “touch” brochurewith small samples of cured LSR to touch and feel. The touch samples included are:

SE203T Liquid Silicone Rubber Touch Brochure
  • SE2010 (Wacker 3003/10TR) – 10 Durometer
  • SE2020 (Wacker 3003/20TR) – 20 Durometer
  • SE2030 (Wacker 3003/30) – 30 Durometer
  • SE2040 (Wacker 3003/40) – 40 Durometer
  • SE2050 (Momentive LIM 6050) – 50 Durometer
  • SE2060 (Wacker 3003/60) – 60 Durometer
  • SE2070 (Wacker 3003/70) – 70 Durometer

Request a Free LSR Touch Brochure Now!

Complete this simple form to request a touch brochure with small samples of cured liquid silicone rubber material at no charge (via ground transport in the USA and Canada.)