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Repositionable Adhesive Backed Gasket

Stockwell Elastomerics offers many pressure sensitive adhesive backing options for gaskets.  Standard adhesives such as 3M 467, Adchem 256M and 3M 9485 work very well for bonding to metals, plastic and glass, however some applications require the ability to remove or reposition the gasket during installation. Other applications may need non-destructive reworking after being in the field for some period of time.  These type of applications may benefit from a repositionable adhesive.

Stockwell Elastomerics offers two repositionable pressure sensitive adhesive options for adhesive backed gaskets and cushions3M 9415 offers very low bond strength (5 oz/in) and Adchem 8311M offer medium/low bond strength (32 oz/in).  Both the 9415 and 8311M adhesives can be applied to Poron urethane foam, silicone foam or silicone sponge for repositionable dust gasket or water gaskets. Common applications are LCD gaskets and touch panel display gaskets where thin walls often need realignment during assembly. Proper compression on these gasket, like all gasket applications, is required to make a proper seal.

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